H.R. Giger – Alone With The Night

Giger Exhibition Alone with the Night

2023 Dates: To Be Announced. Originally scheduled to open on October 26, 2022, H.R. Giger: Alone with the Night has been pushed back to 2023, so that Vogue Cultural Museum can move the exhibition to a larger venue featuring a wider selection of Giger’s original artwork. The postponement announced reads:

We’ve made the hard decision to postpone “Alone with the night” exhibition until 2023. While we know this is disappointing, we hope you understand this is the right step to take.
Recently we have had the opportunity to arrange for more original works of art to come from both the H.R. Giger Museum and from private collectors from around the world- the exhibition will be moved from a 7,000 square ft. space to a 23,000 square ft., this means it will be the biggest tour of an H.R. Giger exhibition in history, happening only in L.A.
We have been working hard directly with the H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland, and the private collectors, to make this happen and to manage all the new logistics and the selection of his most important pieces for the L.A exhibit. This will take time, so we had to move the opening dates- only to make this experience bigger and better!
Meanwhile, to our ticket holders, we recommend you keep your tickets, once we announce the new dates, we will send you an email with the instructions on how to reschedule your new dates at no cost. We won’t have many early bird tickets available, so if you get a refund you might lose the opportunity to get a free limited-edition catalogue and t-shirt that you already have!
Please stay tuned for the new dates options that we will be announcing through our social media and our mailing list, once we prepare and set around 13 rooms of Giger’s original art, we will be posting on social media again about what’s coming next and the story behind every piece.

Official Description“Alone with the Night” is a journey within the dark mind of the multifaceted genius H.R GIGER, who through his art managed to capture surreal worlds and biomechanical creatures taken from the depths of the human subconscious. The exhibition features pieces curated by the Ph.D. in art history and professor of film history Carlos Arenas, and is composed of original art such as airbrushes, paintings, drawings, furniture, sculptures, unpublished photos and videos.

Tickets: $39.99.

Location: Vogue Multicultural Museum, 6675 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Website: vmmla.com.