Icons of Darkness Exhibition

Icons of Darkness: The Exhibition
Monsters lurk near the ceiling, looking down on potential victims.
Sinister Shrine to Cinema's Icons of Darkness

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Icons of Darkness ExhibitionMore than an exhibition of horror movie figures and props, Icons of Darkness functions as a sinister shrine for a pantheon of cinema’s greatest monsters, madmen, villains, and superheroes. There sheer scale of the display is overwhelming, and the presentation is arranged in a way that shows off the exhibits to wonderful effect. The result is essential viewing for haunt-seekers and cinephiles – or it would have been, had the event not been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was truly unfortunate, because it would have easily been the best option among 2020’s Halloween Museums, Galleries, and Tours.

The Montalbán
1615 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028.
Parking in the lot next door.

2020 Info: The opening has been delayed indefinitely, and tickets are being refunded.  At this point it is not certain when the public will get to this his exhibition of hundreds of items from the private collection of actor-producer Richard Correll, including costumed figures, props, and maquettes.

Tickets: $20

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Icons of Darkness Info

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Montalbán has undergone major modification to remove theatre seating, creating an exhibition hall on its ground floor, where Icons of Darkness is housed. Temperatures are checked at the entrance, and masks are required inside. Admission is timed to allow for easy social distancing.

Besides the exhibition on the main floor, there is a zombie bar on the mezzanine and midway style games (scary versions of course) on the rooftop.

About the Collection

Valued in the tens of millions of dollars, Richard Correll's collection includes more than 3,000 pieces, 65% of which are be on display in the Montalban. We expect Icons of Darkness to be a one-year-only event, because Correl's long-term goal is to house them in a "Horror Hall of Fame" museum, perhaps in New York.

Although Icons of Darkness is Correll's first exhibition, a small percentage of the figures have been seen before, at the  home haunt Correll puts on every Halloween in Hancock Park (which is likely not to take place in 2020, since he is busy with the exhibition).

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