Creep LA Immersive Experience

777 S Alameda Street
Los Angeles, 90021

2021 Update: After the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, CreepLA returns with its “biggest, boldest” Halloween show yet. Tix go on sale September 15, 2021.

Dates: TBA

Creep LA Information

creep la logoCreep LA produces immersive, interactive theatrical events staged in unconventional venues. The obvious point of comparison is Delusion: A Haunted Play, but Creep LA eschews the the emphasis on stunt work and effects in a quest for more subtle scares.

Read our review of Creep LA’s 2017 production, based on Lore, the Amazon streaming series and its source material, Aaron Mahnke’s podcast.

The theme for Halloween 2018 was Awake (“Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes”), in which Creep LA  explored the darkness creeping in the remote corners of your mind while you dream.

Creep LA Photos