Beware The Dark Realm

Must-See Halloween Home Haunt

Hollywood Gothique Says:

This Santa Clarita effort – a castle under a dark spell – ranks among the best walk-through Halloween home haunts. Since its debut in 2014, it has grown and expanded, putting itself on par with such perennial yard haunts as The Backwoods Maze and Rotten Apple 907.

28621 Sugar Pine Way
Santa Clarita, CA 91390

2021 Dates & Hours:  October 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, 7:00-10:00pm

Admission: FREE

Update: After shifting to an “immersive visual display” in response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Beware the Dark Realm returns with a full-legnth walk-through maze for Halloween 2021.

Price: Free, donations are accepted to benefit local non-profits.

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Beware the Dark Realm Home Haunt Overview

Beware the Dark Realm Home Haunt HalloweenBeware the Dark Realm is a Halloween home haunt from the original managers of the Heritage Haunt in Newhall. The amateur attraction features a haunted house walk-through with a Medieval theme. A two-story castle facade leads to a maze of winding corridors, filled with amazing creatures around every corner: ghosts, demons, witches – even a dragon!

The haunted castle made its debut in 2013 and immediately established itself among the best amateur Halloween attractions in Los Angeles, with professional-quality makeup and home-made effects. Beware the Dark Realm earned a mention in Hollywood Gothique’s 2014 Halloween Haunt Award Nominees: Best Amateur Haunted House Walk-Through, going on to take the category in our 2014 Halloween Haunt Awards: Winners.

Like most home haunts and yard haunts, Beware the Dark Realm does not charge for admission; however, it does accept donations for charity (e.g. Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry, the SCV Domestic Violence Center) in exchange for a front-of-the-line pass.

Note: Beware the Dark Realm home haunt ceased doing kid-friendly non-scare tours in 2017.

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