Catastrophe Cabin

Catastrophe Cabin Glendale Halloween yard haunt 2019

Catastrophe Cabin Yard Haunt

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Catastrophe Cabin home haunt 2019Catastrophe Cabin is a yard haunt that does not feel like a yard – it’s too well disguised by its Halloween overlay. On Halloween Night, its display mimics a walk-through experience. Bathed in eerie red light, the decor and foliage are so thick they create an illusion of entering a Halloween world with pathway leading to a tent where where trick-or-treaters may obtain candy and divination cards from the haunt’s friendly mystical hosts. A second, equally packed pathway leads to the front porch with a spooky photo op for those courageous enough to brave masked monsters lurking behind densely arranged props and skeletons.

Overall, despite a handful of costumed characters, Catastrophe Cabin is not too intimidating for most trick-or-treaters, most of whom will more likely be enchanted by the immersion into a delightfully spooky Halloween world.

1541 Garden Street
Glendale 91201

2020 Schedule: October 24 – November 1, 7-9:30pm

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