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Halloween Horror Off the Beaten Path


Is is the manor that has decayed or the occupants? You decide as you navigate this insane walk-through. Just remember, out in the desert, help is far away…very far away.

Chaparral and Haugen Lehmann Way
Whitewater, 92282

2023 Dates & Hours: 27, 28, 31,  6-11pm.

Admission: Free

Desert Decay Manor Information

Desert Decay Manor is a ghoulish walk-through maze with good sets bathed in atmospheric lighting, but what stands out is the demented characters inhabiting the haunt. The back story is that the Killgore family has for many generations been living and dying in the isolated manor, located in the West Palm Springs Village neighborhood of Whitewater, their lost souls and evil spirits now haunting what has become the borderland between this world and the depths of Hell.

The rotating cast of characters provide different experiences, but the overall emphasis is on interactivity. There may be jump-scares, but often as not, the ghouls want to engage visitors in banter ranging from the disturbing to disgusting to absurd – or some combination of the three (such as the excrement-crusted old lady plugging her 2019 glamour calendar).

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