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Fillmore Graves Jack-O-Lantern Farm

Low-key October Atmosphere in Abudance

Hollywood Gothique Says:

An atmospheric backwoods Halloween yard display with a nice seance setting in the front window, Fillmore Graves is low-key – no shocks, no jumps – but effectively eerie.

14318 Emelita Street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

2023 Dates: To Be Announced if any. This atmospheric home haunt usually maintains a low-profile, opening in mid-October with little fanfare, for benefit of neighbors.

The Fillmore Graves’ Jack-O-Lantern Farm  is a Halloween yard display with a backwoods feel. Rundown shacks and tombstones suggest a moss-covered cemetery. Frogs croak; ravens caw; and Poe and Lovecraft are buried practically side by side. Those who dare may advance to the porch and peruse the séance scene inside the front window, with a candle floating above a Ouija board.

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