Haunt with No Name Yet

A Delightfully Decorated Halloween Yard Haunt

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Wonderfully creepy in an old-fashioned Gothic way, the Haunt with No Name Yet emphasizes mood instead of shocks. Entering the premise is like entering a mystical realm. There is an overall sinister feel, with the layout of the corner house’s front yard nicely utilized to create the sense that you are approaching a dark and dreadful place. The tone is set at just the right pitch for a neighborhood yard haunt – effective and memorable but not too scary for trick-or-treaters.

19351 Hatteras Street
Tarzana, CA 91356

2020 Update: In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Haunt With No Name Yet is considering a scaled-down version of its usual Halloween yard display, which would allow for easier social distancing. At this point nothing is definite, but one option is to recreate the simpler presentation of the haunt's earlier years, which would act as a sort of prelude to the 30th anniversary celebration in 2021. Dates will be announced if and when the proprietors decided to proceed.

Price: Free

The Haunt with No Name Yet Overview

In operation since 1996, the Haunt with No Name Yet is one of the oldest home haunts in Los Angeles. Located in a quiet, dark residential area, the Haunt With No Name Yet's wide front yard of a corner lot is filled with shrubbery and trees that block the light, lending an extra touch of authentic atmosphere. The lighting scheme is low-key, and you will have a hard time taking photographs even with your night vision digital cameras. The decor consists of a stone gate, tombstones, ghosts floating from trees, fog,  shrouded figures, and a myriad of imaginatively carved Jack-O'Lanterns. The tableau are mostly static, but there is a nice moving candle that seems to hover in the air above a stone sarcophagus. Even more impressive is the large upright crypt with a floating spirit inside.

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