Haunted by Memories Manor

Haunted by Memories Manor Halloween home haunt

Haunted by Memories Manor

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Impressive yard display featuring home-made decorations, plus a scary walk-through lair on some years.

9911 Alesia Street (note new address)
South El Monte, Ca 91733

2021 Update: Haunted by Memories Manor will present a yard display this Halloween.

Dates & Hours: October 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31, 7-10p Saturdays & 7-9p Sundays.

Admission: Free.

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Haunted By Memories Manor Information

This home haunt features home-made decorations, some digital effects, and live actors. Typically, a walk-through is included, though some years have featured only a yard display. The setup and themes are imaginatively realized. The scares are good but not too intense for most trick or treaters.

The proprietors have been considering a switch to community haunt, perhaps in the local church, but so far they remain a home haunt

Haunted by Memories Manor is free; however, donated food items are accepted for charity.

Haunted By Memories Manor History

Haunted by Memories Manor made its debut in 2009. Since then it has grown every year, eventually becoming a pretty effective scare show including a decorated yard and/or a walk-through in the garage. Themes range from generic Halloween Horror (Halloween 2016’s yard display werewolves, maniacs, and a “walker” using a walker – i.e., a groaning zombie torso holding itself up by its hands, poised awkwardly over the metallic device) to specific (Halloween 2017’s walk-through titled “Alice’s Twisted Fairytales,” an amusingly demented trip down the rabbit hole).

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the home haunt decided not to do a walk-through for Halloween 2020.

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