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Back in their Glendale location, the Farm Haunt presented a very impressive facade with a short walk-through featuring nice props and effects. The 2020 Halloween presentation opens a new chapter in a new location.

29130 Diablo Pl
Castaic, CA 91384

Halloween 2023:  After collaborating on Bones Gulch in 2022, The Farm Haunt resurrect its yard display for 2023, titled Dr. Diablo’s Haunted Pumpkin Patch.

Dates & Hours: October 20-22, 27-31, 7-10pm.

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The Farm Haunt History

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When it was situated in Glendale, this Halloween home haunt offered a display in the yard with a short walk-through in the garage. As the name suggests, The Farm featured a farming theme, with Jack O’Lanterns and skeletons perched among straw and bales of hay, along with cornstalks and menacing figures out front.

The walk through the barn was short but nicely done. During our first visit (in Halloween 2016), a rather diminutive skeleton guided us through, making sure we fully observed all the grim details, including one or two motion-sensitive gags. Their final year in Glendale, 2018, was even better.

After moving to Castaic, The Farm Haunt scaled back to a yard display in response to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, then resurrected its walk-through for Halloween 2021.

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