Haunted Rose

The Haunted Rose: A Horror Fanatic's Dream

Hollywood Gothique Says:

With amazing sets and creatures, The Haunted Rose is a horror fan’s dream come to life, offering an esoteric form of horror that mainstream haunts eschew in the quest for a mass audience.

1500 Arbolita Drive
La Habra, CA 90631

Christmas 2020 Dates & Hours: December 19, 5-8pm.

The Haunted Rose presents a Krampus Night and Hearse Show for the winter season, reusing the display from its Halloween 2020 presentation, “The Colour Out of Space.”

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Haunted Rose History

In 2017, The Haunted Rose presented a wonderfully creepy fishing village suggesting “Shadow Over Innsmouth.” After going on hiatus in 2018, the Haunted Rose returned in 2019, in a new location with a new theme, Carter’s Crypt, inspired by “The Statement of Randolph Carter.”

In 2020, the home haunt presented a show instead of a walk-through. Continuing with its penchant for Lovecraft-inspired themes, the theme was “The Colour Out of Space,” described as a “live theatrical display of Cosmic Horror,” presented in a “fun, socially distanced” manner, in consideration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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