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Nightmare in Whiting Woods Home Haunt

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Halloween Home Haunt Walk-Through Ranks With The Best

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Though not as renowned as Rotten Apple 907 or Beware the Dark Realm, Nightmare on Whiting Woods is easily on par with more famous high end Halloween home haunts, making it a must-see Halloween event, with great sets, lots of scares, and a few astounding effects.

413 Whiting Woods, Glendale, 91028

2023 Dates & Hours: To Be Announced. Usually on Halloween Night only, Sunset-11pm.

Status: Planning is underway for the 2023 haunt but the theme has yet to be announced.

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Nightmare in Whiting Woods Information

This only-on-Halloween-Night home haunt has been operating since 2002, offering a new them every year, sometimes at different locations. After more than a decade, they launched a Kickstarted campaign in 2013 to upgrade their props and effects; although they fell short of their goal, the haunt took place anyway and has continued thereafter.

Hollywood Gothique finally visited Nightmare in Whiting Woods in 2019, and it fully lived up to its fabulous reputation. Located atop a steep hill in the Whiting Woods neighborhood of Glendale, it’s popular and crowded; despite zero promotional outreach, eager trick-or-treaters form a long, thin path leading from the house down to the street and beyond, creating wait times well over an hour.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Nightmare on Whiting Woods did not present a walk-through home haunt in 2020, switching instead to a drive-by. Satisfied with the results, they reprised the presentation in 2021. They resumed their walk-through haunted house in 2022 with a new theme, Bugs.

Note: Up-to-date information about Nightmare in Whiting Woods is hard to come by. The official website stopped updating after 2013, but it does have several videos of those early years. A Facebook event listing for 2014 remains viewable. The haunt also has its own Facebook Page page, but it has updated only once since 2014 – in 2021, to let visitors know the haunt would be a drive-by again.

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