Spider Lights Yard Haunt

Spider Lights: Arachnid Wonderland

Hollywood Gothique Says:

spider-lights at catalinaOnce upon a time, Spider Lights yard haunt was the humble home of a few stuffed arachnids on lighted webs; over the years, it has grown into a mini-wonderland, filled with skulls, ghosts, fortune tellers, dancing skeletons, and talking Jack O’Lanterns.

This is a perfect stop for trick-or-treaters – not really scary, but quite amazing.

806 Catalina Street
Burbank, CA 91505

2020 Update: Spider Lights is an open-air yard haunt, so it will take place this Halloween; however, it may scale back to allow for social distancing. There are two plans on the table: the first calls for viewing from the street; the second allow trick-or-treaters to walk through the yard in a loop. Final decision will depend on Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions.

Usually, decorations are in place by mid-October, with full lights and sounds by the final weekend of the month and candy for kids on Halloween Night 6-9pm. This year, whether or not candy will be distributed remains to be determined.

Admission: Free

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Spider-Lights Halloween Yard Haunt Overview

The Spider Lights Halloween yard haunt is a charming kid-friendly amateur attraction in Burbank, which seems to be the “Yard Haunt Central” area of Los Angeles. Spider Lights is safe to walk through, with lights and decorations but nothing too scary for young trick-or-treaters. Almost all decorations are in place a night or two before Halloween, with many on display up to a week previously.

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