Toluca Lake Neighborhood Trick or Treating

Lilley Hall, one of many spectacular Halloween displays in Toluca Lake
More Home Haunts Per Block Than You Can Count

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This well known destination for trick-or-treaters features dozens of yard displays densely packed within an area of approximately one square mile, located south of the Ventura Freeway and extending approximately from Cahuenga Boulevard to Pass Avenue. Some streets have numerous decorated homes, sometimes side by side, creating thier Halloween neighborhoods. There are no walk-through mazes or elaborate audio-visual shows. Though some include movement, sound effects, and special lighting, most are static, relying on clever themes or amusing decorations for their effect. Local realtor Tina Smith organizes an annual Halloween home decorating contest, with awards for Best in Show, Most Creative, and Spookiest.

Toluca Lake Yard Haunts Halloween 2020
Icons represent the many contestants in the annual home decorating contest.
Ledge Ave and Moorpark Street
Toluca Estates Drive and Valley Spring Lane

2022 Halloween Dates: Trick or Treating on October 31. Houses are decorated by the third week in October in order to qualify for the annual contest. Submissions must be made by October 20; voting takes place October 22-25. Winners are posted October 27 at 5pm.

This Halloween’s contest includes four prize categories: Best in Show ($100), Spookiest ($75), Most Creative ($75), and Cutest ($75). Winner are published in Toluca Lake Magazine and receive their prize in the form of a gift card to a local business of their choice.

Toluca Lake Neighborhood Trick or Treating Info

The neighborhood of Toluca Lake is well known mecca for for trick-or-treating: several streets are filled with decorated houses, perhaps because many of the residents work at nearby Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Studios and relish the opportunity to show off their technical skills on Halloween Night. Unlike other well-to-do neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this is less of an isolated enclave, so you may actually be able to find parking. There is little if anything that would be terrifying to any but the most timid trick-or-treaters. Consequently, Toluca Lake provides an excellent option for family-safe fun on Halloween Night.

The density of yard haunts within a close distance of each other makes Toluca Lake worth visiting on Halloween Night, when costumed trick-or-treaters are flitting in the darkness; however, many houses are decorated days or weeks earlier in case you want to visit when the streets and sidewalks will not be crowded. Foreman Avenue and Mariota Avenue are particularly good haunting grounds for trick-or-treaters, with several yard haunts side by side.

On the corner of Mariota at 10104 Moorpark Street is the eye-catching Lilley Hall. The 1927 Tudor Revival features a quaint style of architecture whose aura of bygone days is well-suited to an old-fashioned Halloween theme featuring a multitude of plastic Jack O’ Lanterns.

Other prominent stops include Creepy Casa on Toluca Lake Avenue, Highway to Hell at 4428 Mariota Avenue, and Rotting Hill Cemetery at 4848 Sancola Avenue. The latter, with its animatronic effects timed to an audio track of jokey dialogue, is probably the most effects-heavy Toluca Lake yard haunt. Most displays rely on clever themes, elaborate decoration, lighting, and sometimes music for their impact.

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