Twisted Dreams Haunt

5815 Panama Dr
Buena Park, California 90620

2020 Update:  Twisted Dreams Haunt was cancelled last year when they could not get clearance from the city in time to start their build. They are returning for Halloween 2020, dates to be announced.

Admission: $5 Donation

Twisted Dreams advises haunt-seekers to leave their children at home because subjecting them to the scares inside this maze would border on child abuse. Well, maybe that is hyperbole, but Twisted Dreams pitches itself to people “tired of PG-13 haunts,” insisting that they are “not family-friendly.”

The 2018 Twisted Dreams Haunt included a torture chamber loaded with blood, gore, and scare actors. Though not relying on animatronics, the maze included convincing props (machines, weapons, cadavers), augmented with effective scare tactics.

For jaded horror hounds hungry for intense thrills, Twisted Dreams Haunt gives Perdition Home home haunt a run for its money.

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