Valley Vista Holiday House

Valley Vista Holiday House December 2021: What’s This? Christmas Town!
Valley Vista Holiday House

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Valley Vista Holiday House is a home haunt that decorates for Halloween and Christmas, with themes appropriate to to the individual seasons. Although there is some generic decor at ground level, it is misleading to characterizing Valley Vista Holiday House as a yard display, since the majority of each season’s theme is represented on the house itself: the presentation is distinguished by home-made props and figures arranged on the balconies and windows of the imposing, multi-story structure, creating an impressive sense of scale when viewed from the sidewalk below.

14611 Valley Vista Blvd, Sherman Oaks

2021 Updates:

  • This Halloween’s theme is Tales from the Crypt, featuring handmade props and decorations inspired by the HBO television series based on the classic horror comic. The Crypt Keeper himself is on display, along with characters from some memorable episodes, with music from the soundtrack by Danny Elfman.
  • Christmas 2021 sees the return for What’s This? Chirstmas Town (based on The Nightmare Before Christmas) with some new props, including a Christmas version of Sally; plus, guests can take selfies in front of a new Jack Skelington Tree and a Christmas Town door.

Dates & Hours:

  • Tales From the Crypt: October 20 to November 3. Decorations are visible all day; lights are on from sundown until midnight.
  • What’s This (The Nightmare Before Christmas): December 16 to January 10. Lights on till 11pm weeknights, 1am weekends.


  • Although a few generic props may be recycled at ground level, Valley Vista Holiday House changes the themes of its rooftop displays from season to season. Past themes have included Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Tales from the Crypt.
  • Although there is a thin strip of grass between the curb and the wall in front of the house, there is no sidewalk; the only concrete is a path to the front gate. This makes viewing the ground-level props a little tricky without standing in the street, which may not be a great idea. Though the residential road is not busy, it is curved, obstructing visibility of approaching cars. The house itself is best viewed in full from across the street.

Valley Vista Holiday House Photo Gallery

Halloween 2021: Tales from the Crypt

Christmas 2020: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween 2020: Beetlejuice