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Halloween Haunt Odyssey 2015: Spider Lights and more

On Sunday evening, Hollywood Gothique trekked out to Rotten Apple Hollow in Burbank (more on that later). Along the way, we perused several yard haunts: The Hesby Cemetery, The Spider-Lights at Catalina, and a few others (including one that prefers to remain anonymous, for fear that publicity will draw crowds that could lead to problems with neighbors). Spider-Lights seems quite different from the last time we saw it, and there are a couple of other nicely decorated yard haunts half a block down the street. Hesby Cemetery also has some nice new features, including small mausoleum and a tombstone on which eerie silhouettes appear (a skeleton rising from the earth, etc). A few blocks away is a home haunt inspired by The Shining (including a sign for The Overlook Hotel and a front door marked “Redrum”), but the lights were off when we drove by, so we couldn’t get any pictures.

Here are some photographic highlights of the odyssey. All images are copyright 2015 by Alisa C. Twombly, except the shot of Hesby Cemetery, which is courtesy of DesertRosePhoto.com.

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