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Halloween Horror Podcast

This weekend, Cinefantastique podcasters Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and I recorded a special episode devoted to the Halloween season. The general topic is the connection between Halloween and horror movies. The major focus is on films we like to haul out of the vaults to peruse on October 31, such as John Carpenter’s 1978 film HALLOWEEN, Roger Corman’s 1964 classic THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, and the overlooked 1999 horror-comedy IDLE HANDS.

We also run down Halloween Haunted Houses and Hayrides based on horror movies, and take a quick glance at the perennial titles (NOSFERATU, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) that get resurrected for revival screenings every October. We finish up with helpful suggestions regarding which film franchises should get the Halloween Haunt treatment (hint: one involves a possessed girl, the other a haunted hotel).

Listen in…if you dare!