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Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey 2022: Orange County

Welcome to another installment of Hollywood Gothique’s 2022 Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey, in which we visit Orange County Yard Haunts all over the O.C.. Since the Yard Haunt Odyssey is an annual feature dating back to 2005, and since many of haunted homes have been previously covered, we are trying something different this October: emphasizing the new.

By “new,” we don’t necessarily mean debut haunts. We also mean returning haunts with new themes, noteworthy additions, and/or major changes, along with haunts that are “new” to us simply because we have not previously visited them. In addition, we will throw in some old favorites if we get new coverage, such as photos of details previously overlooked or simply overshadowed by other elements.

Obviously, this is published after Halloween.  With many home haunts, they open only the final weekend of October.  Therefore, making it hard to do a write-up and drive out to visit haunts at the same time.  However, we hope this gives you insight and allows you to have these home haunts on your radar to visit next season.

With all of that in mind, please scroll down to view images and information you hopefully have not seen before. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive list of yard haunts in and around Los Angeles, check out our page devoted to Halloween Home Haunts.



2022 Orange County Yard Haunts: La Mirada, Brea, Anaheim and Buena Park

The Curse of the Raven
4682 Stanton Ave, La Mirada
Open Usually Starting Mid-October, 7-10pm

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The Curse of the Raven is a yard display with a small walkable path that keeps on adding on each year.   The proprietor, having had experience in a major spooky theme park; definitely shows off that experience at his home haunt.  With a mixture of projections, animatronics, creepy displays and thick fog at random intervals; this is surely a yard display to get you into the spirit.

Clearly the most elaborately decorated house in La Mirada.  We generally start with this haunt, even though it isn’t in Orange County; it’s basically the furthest haunt in LA crossing over into Orange County.  There are a couple of decorated homes down the street on the same street.  We hit this one first before journeying on to the rest of the O.C. home haunts.

Hocus Pocus
629 Maple Ave, Brea
Open Usually Starting Mid-October, 7-10pm

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We first discovered this gem in 2020 when it was known as “Pandemic Nightmare”.  The haunt poked fun at the pandemic and made light of the rules we had to follow and the PPE we had to use; which brought laughter to us and it was much needed.  They do a different theme each year and this year’s theme was “Hocus Pocus”.  Per the photos above, you can clearly see the proprietor making light of what it’s like to be a witch.

A great local haunt to add to the list if you are in the area.  We often found it difficult to venture to Brea for haunts because they don’t seem to exist, plus it is a bit outside the zone of the other haunts in O.C.  Definitely add this to the list if time permits.

til death do us part
1576 W Wakefield Ave, Anaheim
Open Usually Starting Mid-October, 7-10pm

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We actually were aware of this elaborate yard display way before it was listed in any haunt lists and way before anyone published a review.  With so many great displays out there; it’s challenging to journal everyone with it’s own blurb and entry; that’s really when we publish new haunts instead of just throwing the address out there.  We drive by this house every week and it has been interesting to see the progression from their very first year until now.  This year’s theme was carefully curated as you can tell; the haunt proprietor even had marriage certificates and rings available!  They do a different theme each year.

This is a really good one to add to your haunt odyssey next season.  Visit Grim Grinners Haunt, located at the cross street before or after to make your trip worth it.

Town Of Deadwood
7475 Mohawk Cir, Buena Park, CA 90620
Open Usually Nightly Starting Mid-October, Full-Scare Weekends, 7-10pm

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We checked out Town of Deadwoood last year but missed the walk-through maze portion since we discovered them while driving by.  There are specific dates where it is a display vs. a full walk-through.  The exterior boasted a nicely decorated western theme from hell.  A marquee read “Hell’s Undertaker”, and surrounding the haunt were skeletons dressed in time period appropriate clothing.  The walk-through itself; did not match the theme.  However, it still provided a good jump scare in close quarters with scare actors that get in between you and the exit.

This haunt is located inside a Halloween-friendly cul-de-sac.  It’s always nice to see a street with multiple neighbors decorating.  Things like this make it a destination; especially on Halloween night.

Twisted Dreams Haunt
5815 Panama Dr, Buena Park
Open Multiple Nights in October

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Twisted Dreams Haunt never fails to disappoint.  With a different theme each year, this home haunt makes us forget sometimes that this is located in somebody’s backyard, utilizing part of the house and garage.  With so many home haunters now with pro quality material that include the latest and greatest tech to outmatch the theme parks; Twisted Dreams Haunt keeps it old school but at the same time makes it enjoyable and fresh.  This haunt is gory and bloody; with tall and scary talent that pops out.  Therefore, this is not recommended for children or young kids at all.  It’s always good to see that there are still haunts that contain old school blood and gore at a time when everyone is relying on tech.

Located near Knott’s Scary Farm, this home haunt is definitely a must-see if you can stomach the guts and limbs within it.  We like to pair this up with Town of Deadwood before visiting Knott’s.  We can guarantee you that you won’t find anything this bloody and gory inside of Knott’s.


2022 Orange County Yard Haunts: Garden Grove & Santa Ana

Ferris Haunt: Saloon of Shadows
5332 Christal Ave, Garden Grove
Open Multiple Nights In October

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With a distinct theme each year, Ferris Haunt returned with a western/ghost town themed walk-through experience known as “Saloon of Shadows”.  Built by a father and son team; the tech-savvy Dad and his elementary school-age son brought this concept to life in a matter of a few weeks with the main theme originating from the son.  Though “Saloon of Shadows” employs a skeleton crew, or should we say a “shadow crew”; rest assured there were still many jump scares that we did not see coming.  The walk-through included some introductory audio highlighting the story, a secret door to the mines, well-timed special effects and a cemetery with a beautiful set lighting color scheme.

Located in a community with other haunts and displays nearby; Garden Grove could be a Halloween destination next year.  We saved this one for last on our Odyssey because it made the most sense logistically and also the author of this post is a close acquaintance of the creator(s) of this haunt.  However, this review is still written from a haunt-goers perspective and from a purely objective point of view.

Santa Ana Haunt Presents Shades Of Hell: Goodbye
2909 W. Cubbon Ave, Santa Ana
Usually Open Final 2 Weekends In October

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We enjoyed visiting Santa Ana Haunt last year as it impressed us with it’s theming and it’s characters which all seemed to make sense and were appropriate to the theme.  This season, we experienced a good old school scare with a twist at the end.  The maze, being a little tight, added to the spooky and creepy feeling of wanting to continuously search for a way out.  With a recycled facade from last season; it fit perfectly with this year’s theme: “Shades of Hell”.  People should already know what to expect upon arrival, especially with a coffin out front.

This was a good maze to add to our trek.  Parking could be tricky so this is not a maze to visit if you were in a rush.  We enjoyed last season’s haunt a bit more since it felt like there were more props and decor.  However, this was still a good scare that cleverly uses every inch of additional space at their residence.

You can find many more Inland Empire yard haunts on the SoCalHaunts list.


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