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Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey 2022: The Inland Empire

Welcome to the second installment of Hollywood Gothique’s 2022 Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey, in which we visit Inland Empire Yard Haunts. Since the Yard Haunt Odyssey is an annual feature dating back to 2005, and since many of haunted homes have been previously covered, we are trying something different this October: emphasizing the new.

By “new,” we don’t necessarily mean debut haunts. We also mean returning haunts with new themes, noteworthy additions, and/or major changes, along with haunts that are “new” to us simply because we have not previously visited them. In addition, we will throw in some old favorites if we get new coverage, such as photos of details previously overlooked or simply overshadowed by other elements.

With all of that in mind, please scroll down to view images and information you hopefully have not seen before. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive list of yard haunts in and around Los Angeles, check out our page devoted to Halloween Home Haunts.

2022 Inland Empire Yard Haunts: Rancho Cucamonga

Since the Inland Empire is so large, we grouped these home haunts together and even have suggestions on what to visit along the route.  Our goal is to ensure that your drive is worthwhile.

Straite To Hale: Casket Creek
 6477 Jasper St, Rancho Cucamonga
Open October 21-23, 28-31, 6:30-10PM


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We first visited Straite To Hale’s mazes at Midsummer Scream.  Because of scheduling conflicts, we were never able to make it to their full-size home haunt.  Truth be told, we NEARLY didn’t make it there again since we go inadvertently taken hostage was held up at a media night event in Whittier right before it.  However, thanks to Samhain’s Lot, who happened to visit right before we got there; he alerted the haunt proprietor’s on our behalf.  Straite To Hale’s walk-through seemed long and never ending and was full of turns and twists.  It’s predominantly western-themed with younger scare actors that pop-out when you least expect.  It got us good, well, me.

Straite To Hale is worth taking a trip to.  From across the street, you can easily tell how wide this maze is and that it is lengthy for a home haunt.  We recommend checking this out along with Samhain’s Lot, an elaborate display also in Rancho Cucamonga.

Samhain’s Lot
6351 Semillon Pl, Rancho Cucamonga
Open October 1-31, 7PM-10PM (Fog on Friday only)

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Samhain’s Lot appears ago this season but with a different theme.  Gone away temporarily is the “Halloween” and “Trick ‘R Treat” themed displays, though there were still remnants of “Halloween”.  Here for now is Samhain’s Lot’s Rotten Pumpkin Patch.  Samhain’s Lot’s Rotten Pumpkin Patch tells a story of what happens when the season’s over and the pumpkin patches no longer get visitors and are left alone.  Eventually what’s dead resurrects and takes over the lot.  If you stay long enough, you’ll hear ghosts talking and changing radio stations.

The haunt proprietor has at least 40 pumpkins on the lawn.  A worthwhile display to check-out especially on Halloween night where they have prepared specialty treat bags for Trick-Or-Treaters.  Be sure to check out Straite To Hale’s maze which is just minutes away.



2022 Inland Empire Yard Haunts: Temecula & Wildomar

The two yard haunts below are relatively near each other.  We visited Nightmare At Cottonwood Corner when it was in Chino Hills and when it was a light show display.  This year, they have a full haunted trail at the property.

Anton Haunt
42330 Wyandotte St, Temecula
Open October 21, 22, 28, 29, 31, 6:30-9:30 PM

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This is Hollywood Gothique’s first time visiting this spooky and lengthy home haunt.  With no centralized theme, this walk-through featured a funhouse with clowns, a spooky swamp area, a very large and impressive pirate’s island, a creepy graveyard, a dollhouse, a mad scientist lab and a laser swamp to end it all.  With predominantly a younger cast that’s scaring; you just don’t know where they will pop up from.

Located in Temecula where there used to be more haunts to visit; Anton Haunt definitely does help fill some of the void left from walk-throughs and attractions that went dark.  We visited Pumpkinland Pumpkin Patch prior to this and then went to Nightmare At Cottonwood Corner after this.

Nightmare at Cottonwood Corner
36143 Stable Lanes Rd, Wildomar
Open October 21-23, 28-31, 7-9 PM

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Nightmare at Cottonwood Corner (formerly Nightmare on Hickory Lane), is a haunted trail and a graveyard display plus water show on a large 2 plus acre property.  Their western-themed haunted trail was more enjoyable than some commercial haunted trails.  With also a cemetery display and a mini-water show to go along with the trail; the haunt proprietor is striving to make this property a destination for all Halloween fans and haunt-seekers.

Wildomar is located between Lake Elsinore and Temecula.  This is a good one to add to the list along with Anton Haunt in Temecula and Hallowseve Inc.’s haunt in Lake Elsinore.  You can hit all three if planned correctly.



2022 Inland Empire Yard Haunts: Moreno Valley

The two yard haunts below are relatively near each other.  Maze of Mayhem and Haydenville Haunter are less than 8 minutes apart from one another.

Haydenville Haunter: Catacombs of Terror 
23291 Park Ln Ct, Moreno Valley
Open October 7-9, 21-23, 28-30, 7-10 PM

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Haydenville Haunter returned with an all new theme this year: Catacombs of Terror.  We enter a building and get led on an interactive tour through the Catacombs of Paris.  The entrance and lobby, structured to look like a tourist attraction, featured maps and art on the wall relating to the catacombs.  The host then took us on an elevator; which rocked back and forth to simulate our descent into the catacombs.  When the elevator doors open, voila!, we were suddenly inside the catacombs.  As the tour guide continued with his spiel, the lights flicker and an eerie whisper warned us to “go away!”.  The tour guide goes missing and we have no choice but to journey through the catacombs by ourselves.

Haydenville Haunter adds a new element to his haunt each year.  Though different theme, the big new addition is the elevator he built.  Also, we were told that extensive research was done so that they could make the catacombs look just like the ones under Paris.  This haunt is worth the drive, be sure to visit Maze of Mayhem 8 minutes away.

Maze of Mayhem
21605 Alcorn Dr, Moreno Valley
Open October 14-16, 21-23, 27-31, 7-10 PM, Sat 7-11 PM

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Maze of Mayhem is back with an actual maze after taking a hiatus for a few years.  The simple walk-through worked on by a Father and son duo contained mildly spooky displays and a jump scare here and there.  With elements from their previous interactive yard displays used here; the have added to it a walk-through that utilized scares from animatronics and live actors.  With no centralized theme, Maze of Mayhem has a little something for older adults and young adults who love Halloween.

Recommended for the community and someone local to Moreno Valley.  Maze of Mayhem is best paired with Haydenville Haunter since they are 8 minutes apart from each other.

You can find many more Inland Empire yard haunts on the SoCalHaunts list.


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