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Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey 2023: Orange County

Welcome to another installment of Hollywood Gothique’s 2023 Halloween Yard Haunt Odyssey, in which we visit Orange County Yard Haunts all over the O.C..  Below is a running list of things we have visited and things we plan to visit this weekend.  Maybe you’ll catch them before we do.

With all of that in mind, please scroll down to view images and information you hopefully have not seen before. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive list of yard haunts in and around Orange County, check out our page devoted to Halloween Home Haunts.



2023 Orange County Yard Haunts: La Mirada, Brea, and Anaheim

The Curse of the Raven
4682 Stanton Ave, La Mirada
Open Oct 21-31, 7-10pm

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The Curse Of The Raven has always been one of our favorite cemetery stops.  It has a couple of paths you can walk-through to appreciate the details of this large yard display.  With lots of lighting and trigger effects, the haunt proprietor has to ensure that the props look just as good when the thunder and lightning effect comes on and casts a light and illuminates each prop.

There are several decorated houses up and down the street, most are with store bought props.  Though not to the detail of The Curse Of The Raven; this is probably a fun street to trick-or-treat at and to take in the sights and sounds of this hallowed ground.

Spinning Out Of Control On Maple Street
629 Maple Ave, Brea
Open Usually Starting Mid-October, 7-10pm

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One of our favorite stops in O.C.  This is a grand yard display that always switches up their theme annually.  They are not listed anywhere and have no social media presence; so we generally do not know the display name until we see it in person.  However, we can be sure that it’s always going to be something creative, especially with the clever puns they use each year.  The photos speak for themselves.

Though not really close to anything since North County is a more quiet part of the town, we went out of the way after visiting La Mirada because we felt it was worth it.

Freaky Flesh
1576 W Wakefield Ave, Anaheim
Open 13-15, 20-22, 27-29, 31, 630-930PM

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The haunt proprietor’s main profession is art, so we always expect a grand display each time we visit.  With a unique theme each year, this is always a pleasant surprise for us as we see how the owners rework chains and skeletons into a new haunt.  This year’s theme has them setting up cocktail reception party tables, paired with the title; it suggests something sinister is happening at this party.

Definitely worth a visit each time we’re in the O.C. doing Halloween stuff.  You can visit this along with Grim Grinners Haunt which is literally around the corner on Eileen.



2023 Orange County Yard Haunts: Garden Grove & Santa Ana

Ferris Haunt: GGRI
5332 Christal Ave, Garden Grove
Open Oct 27 6:30-10PM, 28 6:30-10PM, 29 6:30-9PM, 31 6:30-9:30PM

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Ferris Haunt is always consistent with a mixture of spooky fun, comedy and tech.  Built primarily by a Father and Son team, we always get entertained by the acting effort of the younger of the Ferris’s.  This season, there were more minions than the previous and they definitely give it their all performance wise.  This is a good community haunt that isn’t too scary for kids.  What makes it sort of scary is the low ceilings; though we are not claustrophobic, just the thought of having to watch our heads all the time adds some sort of scare factor into it.

There are 2 other listed haunts nearby, Cysko and Mystic Terror which was reviewed below this capsule comment.  Plan ahead and hit all 3 on Halloween night if you’re around.

Mystic Terror 
6721 Acacia Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92845
Open Oct 27-29, 31, 7-10PM

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Our first time visiting Mystic Terror.  From what we know, they scaled back this year and were unable to do their original idea.  However, we thoroughly enjoyed this mini walk-through with rooms aptly themed and actors that played their roles well.  The theme was “Halloween Heritage”, which featured things that reminded us of anything Halloween.  We look forward to visiting next year to see their sci-fi theme next season.

If you’re going on the right day, you can catch Cysko Haunt and Ferris Haunt just minutes away.  Ferris Haunt’s capsule comment is right above.

Santa Ana Haunt Presents Shades Of Hell
2909 W. Cubbon Ave, Santa Ana
Open Oct 20-22, 27-31, 7-11PM

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If you want to experience a last-minute pop-up maze, you probably can’t do better than Santa Ana Haunt.  Having made plans to go pro for the first time; an unforeseen circumstance out of their control forced them to cancel the haunt at a commercial building.  Therefore, they had 4 days to put something together at home and make it look decent.  They certainly did that, with a scaled back version of their previous haunt; but if didn’t say anything, you probably wouldn’t even notice.

Add this to your Orange County Haunt Odyssey if you can.  See how a haunt looks when it’s built in 4 days.  It’s got a lot more than other pop-up haunts that had more time to prep.  FYI – there is a minimum donation of $7 per person.


2023 Orange County Yard Haunts: Trabuco Canyon

Haunted Mansion Haunt
28322 Millwood Rd, Trabuco Canyon, CA
Open Oct 13-14, 20-31, 7-10PM

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If you can’t make it out to Disneyland, you can get your Haunted Mansion fix here.  Though we’ve seen tons and there seemed to be continuous Haunted Mansion homage haunts and displays that pop up; this has been the closest to the ride at the theme park.  Though we know it’s a walk-through; it has now been expanded to the sides and backyard of the property.  Therefore, it’ll almost feel as if you were in the ride except you are walking through.

We usually like to pair this up with Prism Haunt in Mission Viejo, which is nearby and running this Halloween night.  Haunted Mansion offers a $10 express entry option, the general line is free.

You can find many more Inland Empire yard haunts on the SoCalHaunts list.


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