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Happy Halloween 2014!


Has it really been seven weeks since Hollywood Gothique declared the Halloween season begun? How time flies when you’re horrified! For nearly two months we have been expending our most diligent efforts towards finding the best Halloween events in Los Angeles, and yet never have the limitations of the time-space continuum been more evident, forcing us to forego many promising haunted houses.

If you, like us, find yourself trying to make up for lost time on Halloween Night, take advantage of our Halloween haunt itineraries, which identify multiple haunts in geographically convenient groupings. Keep in mind that many of the best Halloween haunts in Los Angeles will be open on Saturday (though only handful will remain open on Sunday).

Also take heart in the knowledge that you will be able to stave off the post-Halloween blues by attending numerous horror-themed events that will last well into November, Though the Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival, The Zombie Effect, The Call of Cthulhu, Scary Musical: The Musical, and Re-Animator: The Musical are not walk-through haunted houses, they will keep the Halloween spirit alive.

And if we’re really lucky, Delusion Lies Within may extend another few weeks.

Update: We just posted a list of events (mostly Halloween Home Haunts) that will be open tonight only.