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Haunted Jail Date & Hours Confirmed

Altadena’s 3D Haunted Jail will be back again this Halloween. Their old website seems not to be updated much anymore, but they now have a blog with a link to a flier that contains the pertinent information.

This is one of those haunts that is not a for-profit business but not a yard haunt either; we like to call them community haunts, as they tend to be put on to benefit the local community by providing safe Halloween entertainment and/or raising money.

Having never been to the Haunted Jail, we cannot recommend it personally, but it sounds like a worthy effort.

Location: Altadena Sheriff’s Station – 780 East Altadean Dr. at Lake Avenue.
Description: This 3-D haunt accepts donations. Not recommended for children under 5.
Date: October 31 – 5 to 8pm