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Haunted Queen Mary 2009: Psychedelic Killer Klownz – Video

For some reason, the people who put on Halloween haunts seem to never tire of Killer Klown mazes. We’re a little tired of the theme, but we understand how it can work in a theme park with multiple mazes, providing a brightly colored contrast to the darker, spookier attractions. The Psychedelic Killer Klown maze at the Haunted Queen Mary was not too bad; although it was a bit repetitious (you walk down lots of corridors painted in black-light colors), there is a very nice section where the maze opens up wide, allowing for crazy clowns to harass you from all sides (instead of jumping out from around a corner one at a time). There were a few glitches the night we were there: the maze did not open until the haunt’s third weekend, and occasionally the music would drop out as you moved from one section to another (instead of making a smooth segue). We have edited these lapses from the video. Enjoy!