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Haunted Tom’s Farms: The Farmhouse and The Haunted Train Review

Tucked away in Temescal Valley, Haunted Tom’s Farms Presents two great Halloween attractions for 2019: The Farmhouse and The Haunted Train Ride.

Freshly made aware earlier in the week that the family-friendly activity grounds of Tom’s Farms features not one but two haunted attractions for Halloween 2019, we made swift arrangements to drive deep into the valleys, where we were shocked to learn that this is their second year with a Halloween attraction. We’re glad we made the trip before letting another year pass without discovering this hidden Halloween gem.

Haunted Tom’s Farms 2019 Review: The Farmhouse Maze

Haunted Tom's Farms 2019 Farm House

Now of course, this isn’t fair: Tom’s Farms utilizing a “farmhouse” or “barn” theme for a maze. Either it’s cliché, or it’s genius since it fits so rightly so with their business. Coming from a farmer on a farmland, it’s almost too easy – one might think that little effort went into the haunt, right?

Wrong! A ton of work went into The Farm House. Once we entered the queue line, we began noticing sets representing an old western town. Add that to the dirt road from the farm, and you are immersed into the setting.  There were enough scare actors, sets, props to keep your eyes busy and wandering.  What was most impressive is that each room of The Farmhouse made it believable that this is where an All-American farming family lived until something went terribly wrong.

Entering the Farmhouse, we were greeted by members of a family.  Most were not so welcoming, and a little girl even begged us to save her from her mom. Our favorite scene involved a scare actor physically flipping and tossing a large table; we do not see this often in haunts.

We genuinely enjoyed walking through The Farmhouse. For $10-$12, you get quality sets and a walk-through as long as some of those professional Halloween theme parks.  To our surprise, we learned that Tom’s Farms put this maze together in just a few weeks after a seasoned haunt attraction that was supposed to help with the build couldn’t accommodate them because of scheduling conflicts.

Haunted Tom’s Farms 2019 Review: The Haunted Train Ride

Tom's Farms 2019 Haunted Train Ride

What happens when you mix a little bit of the sorely missed Los Angeles Live Steamers Ghost Train, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, and more elevated seating with a private cabin?  You get The Haunted Train Ride. Back for a second Halloween, this train ride features no centralized theme; the journey was designed to encompass all facets of Halloween so that the ride can be universally enjoyed.  Expect to find witch(es), skeleton(s), pumpkin(s), ghoul(s), clown(s), and all things that symbolize the season.

So is The Haunted Train Ride family friendly?  For the most part, yes – though guests can expect a few pop-up scares.  For just $5, you get about an 8-minute break from standing; plus, you get to be entertained without walking, and you don’t have to sit on hay.

Haunted Tom’s Farms 2019 Review: Conclusion

Now in its sophomore season, Haunted Tom’s Farms may be on the brink of something great.  Their first-ever haunted walk-through paired with their haunted train ride raised our expectations for their potential in the coming years. If we had not been told, we would never have guessed that their haunt operations were virtually brand new.  If you do plan on taking a trip into the Temescal Valley and beyond, we recommend a triple bill of Haunted Tom’s Farms, Terror in Train Town, and Sinister Valley Haunt.  All are within a 25 minutes  drive time from each other.

Haunted Tom's Farms Ratings
  • 100%
    The Haunted Train Ride - 100%
  • 100%
    The Farmhouse Maze - 100%

Bottom Line

Though a bit off the grid for our L.A. Audience; for those on the east side of L.A., it is completely worth your time and your $15 or $17 to visit both haunts. The value is there, the quality is great, and did we mention that the parking is free?

The Train Ride is $5 and the Haunted House is $12 on Fridays and Saturdays and $10 on Sundays. Haunted Tom’s Farms is open September 28th through November 3rd from 7pm to 10pm. The address is 23900 Temescal Canyon Road, Temescal Valley, California 92883. For ticketing information: tomsfarms.com/events/list.

Note: We’d like to thank the public relations expert on the grounds for making last minute accommodations so that we could produce this review for you!

Haunted Tom’s Farms 2019 Review: Photographs



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