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Heritage Haunt 2010: Video

Heritage Haunt does not have a walk-through haunted house this Halloween, but it does offer a Hayride of Nightmares. Capturing the ride on video is a bit tricky, because the effectiveness of the actual experience depends on the terrain hiding the lurking ghouls until they spring out of nowhere. There is little in the way of artificial lighting in the woods, creating a very dark experience. Nevertheless, we managed to piece together some representative snippets, which should provide some idea of the ride’s overall impact.¬†Also shown on the video are two scare zones, the Indian Trail Massacre and Chewy’s Pirate Cove.

We have heard that 2010 will mark the final Halloween for Heritage Haunt, which is a real loss for Halloween fans in Los Angeles. We have other video, from previous years, which we hope to post in the future, as a tribute to one of our favorite Halloween attractions.