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Hollyweird: Emancipating Angelina Jolie

I just noticed this: in an article from last year titled “Hollyweird: Angelina Jolie’s Age of Consent Emancipation,” PaperMag.com quoted my ancient interview with the actress on the set of her first film, Cyborg 2. Jolie was 17 when the film was made, and the modestly budgeted production did not have the luxury of shooting around the limited schedule of an under-aged actress, so she had herself emancipated (declared legally an adult).

Hollyweird is apparently a regular series of articles about “obscure or forgotten stories about popular celebrities and cult figures.” Author Trey Taylor seems to think it weird that Jolie went to the trouble of the emancipation process in order to appear in a low-budget science fiction film: “Take a magnifying glass to Jolie’s early home life and an emancipation will not be anything particularly out of the ordinary, but it still seemed a bizarre move for an actor’s first toe dip into the shady workings of Hollywood.” (Nevermind that Jack Palance, fresh off his Oscar win for City Slickers, also played a featured role in the film).

In any case, Jolie apparently was not happy with the result, telling the New York Times years ago that she ” got sick” after seeing Cyborg 2.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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