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Horror Made Here 2018 press night

Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights opens Friday, but the press got a preview tonight. If you read our review from Halloween 2017, you have some idea what to expect, but this year’s presentation is considerably altered and expanded. The store fronts in the town square now house functional business: the Little Shop of Horrors gift shop, the Lost Boys arcade, the Fangtasia bar. The Conuring walk-through is longer. The Neiboldt House from IT is almost totally different. The back lot tram tour now goes through Camp Crystal Lake, where you encounter Jason and Freddy. Our favorite event of the night was The Exorcist: Forbidden Screening, which presents a highlight reel from the film, accompanied by in-theatre effects and interruptions by live actors. Fun stuff for haunt-seekers looking for something other than another walk-through maze.

We will be back with more details later.

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