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Kahuna Tiki Tu’s Haunted Pirate Mansion of the Caribbean

Hidden within its vast sprawl, Los Angeles is home to numerous unexpected bits of haunted scenery. Case in point: the Kahuna Tiki Tu restaurant on Riverside Boulevard in Valley Village. Although the name conjures images of fearsome Tiki icons glaring down in darkness, faintly illuminated by flickering torches, what it does not suggest is that the restaurant offers a double Disney tribute to the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Just within the entrance, the area behind the reception dais features a Haunted Mansion display.

Behind this, the corridor to the restrooms is festooned with decorations, starting with a few more from the Haunted Mansion.

Also on the wall are placards from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Finally, secreted at the end of the corridor is a lonesome pirate prisoner, reduced to skeletal form.

Even after a few drinks the scene is probably not intimidating enough to scare you from using the restrooms, but it is worth checking out if you enjoy Polynesian-themed dining and drinking. Kahuna Tiki Tu offers a splendid array of food options and a cocktail menu loaded specialty drinks, with names like Brainkiller, Head Hunter Martini, Zombie, and Scorpion Bowl. Learn more at the official website: kahunatiki.com.

Note: Kahuna Tiki Tu is actually the second Kahuna Tiki location. The original is Kahuna TIki NoHo on Magnolia Boulevard.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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