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Knott’s Scary Farm 2008: Alien Annihilation (video)

Here is another video from our trip to the 2008 incarnation of the Knotts Berry Farms Halloween Haunt. Alien Annihilation is set in the 3D laser tag facility that house the Beowulf maze in 2007. The bright colors suggest that the Halloween attraction was intended to exploit the 3D potential, but we did not see anyone selling the 3D glasses out front.

Check out the moment about one minute in, when an alien zaps me with a laser!

We discussed Alien Annihilation in our review of Knott’s Scary Farm. We gave it positive marks for its colorful props and decor, but while editing the video we noticed more “dead” spots than we had recalled while writing our review. It is a long maze, and there is plenty in it, but there are still some long passages where little actually happens, and you have to content yourself with admiring the sets. We still think it is very enjoyable, but if we had to rank the six new mazes over again (having augmented our memories with the videos) we would be tempted to bump Alien Annihilation down a notch, below The Slaughterhouse (which looked better on video than we had remembered).