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Knotts Scary Farm Opening Night Reader Reaction

Circumstances beyond our control prevents us from attending the opening of Knotts Scary Farm last night. Fortunately, a Hollywood Gothique reader writes in with his impression. The news is not as good as one might have hoped:

I just came back from opening night of Knott’s Halloween Haunt, and Zombieland was disappointingly nowhere to be found. It wasn’t listed on the maps either, although a Stepfather attraction was. Unfortunately, this was so lacking our guide actually immediately apologized at its conclusion. The cast wasn’t so great either; one veteran cast member said they passed on many other veterans this year, some with supposedly up to 27 years experience with Haunt. I guess this was a cost-cutting move, but I can only hope things improve when I go back later in October.

UPDATE: Knott’s Scary Farm explains that Sony Pictures terminated plans for the ZOMBIELAND scare zone in August. THE STEPFATHER scare experience is a last-minute replacement.