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Knott’s Slaughterhouse video

We have just posted a video of our walk through The Slaughterhouse maze at the 2008 Knotts Berry Farm Halloween Haunt. We described this maze as part of our review of the haunt, but one thing is worth mentioning: how little editing this maze required. Typically, long mazes (of which Knott’s has several) tend to pad out their length with long empty corridors, but that was mostly not the case here. In fact, the first half of Slaughterhouse featured one thing after another in rapid succession. Only after the midway point did the maze over a breather in the form of a couple of long stretches.

We did not give this particular attraction an overwhelmingly positive notice in our review, but after going over the video we have to admit that Slaughterhouse is rather impressive in terms of packing of a lot horror into its maze.

Included below is a larger version of the video.