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L.A. Opera: Frankenstein with live orchestra

It’s Alive – Again! The L.A. Opera resurrects its annual pairing of film and opera at the Ace Hotel’s Theatre. For Halloween 2022, composer Michael Shapiro will conduct his original score for Frankenstein (1931), which was released without soundtrack music back in the early days of talking pictures when Hollywood thought movies no longer need music.

Based very loosely an Mary Shelly’s novel and Peggy Webling’s stage adaptation, the film was directed by James Whale, with Colin Clive as Frankenstein and Boris Karloff as his creation. Despite the film’s age, the production values stand the test of time; Whale’s direction is admirably fluid; and Karloff’s performance as the mute monster is elicits both sympathy and fear.

Performances take place at 8pm on October 28 and 29. Tickets run from $29 to $109 (slightly cheaper on Friday).

The Theatre is located inside the Ace Hotel at 929 S Broadway in Los Angeles. The theatre’s phone number is (213) 623-3233, but for information on the event go to the L.A. Opera’s website.

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