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Molar Manor announces dates for 2008 UPDATE: no dates for 2008


We just mentioned that House of Restless Spirits was our favorite amateur haunt discover of 2007. On the professional side of the Halloween season (meaning they charge for admission), the same could be said for Molar Manor, so we are eagerly anticipating a return visit this year. Fortunately, they recently announced their dates and times for 2008: Thursdays through Sundays from October 11 through November 4, from dusk till the line dies. PLEASE NOTE: This information was incorrect; although the Molar Manor website was updated in time for the 2008 Halloween season, the dates listed are from last year.

 Unlike many haunted mazes, you will not find yourself walking down endless empty corridors waiting for some guy in a mask to jump out at you. Instead, you move through a series of well decorated rooms filled with scary props and effects. It’s a little bit like walking through a museum (which is appropriate since the haunt began as a collection of props), but a very scary museum.

Last year’s presentation was titled House of the Dancing Dead, and you can read our account of it here. This year, the haunt is calling itself 2nd Chance Manor.

Info for the Manor is currently listed on our Halloween Haunts page, but we will be dedicating a separate page to the haunt ASAP.

Location: 19415 Soledad Canyon Road Canyon Country, CA 91351
Phone: 661-252-7978
Website: www.molarmanor.com