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Halloween Tips & Tricks

Worried about letting your kids run lose on Halloween night? This article points to some new products that will improve safety, such as fiber optic costumes that are easy to see in the dark and a hand-held tracking device that allows you to keep tabs on trick-or-treaters even if they scurry out of sight.

Get tips on face-painting and pumpkin carving here.

The Los Angeles Times notes that many traditional Christmas items (trees, cookie cutters) are being given a Halloween spin this year.

Amy Sedaris offers advice for an entertaining Halloween party here.

The Seattle Times offers costume ideas for couples.

Chicago Sun-Times points out that many wildlife rescue stations use Halloween to cast a spotlight on nocturnal creatures. In the Los Angeles area, Star Eco Station did something similar with their Creepy Crawly Creature Feature earlier this month, and they have Enchanted Hallow’s Eve this Saturday and Sunday (details on our Halloween Haunts page).

In lightweight article about Nick News with Liinda Ellerbee: Kids Pick the President, Barack Obama notes that Halloween should be scary. We agree!