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Murder House gets Ghosted

It has been two years since Murder House Productions bid farewell to the location of their excellent Halloween home haunt. Since then, they collaborated on some events in 2021, working with Twisted Haunts on Shook during Pride Month and with Universal Studios Hollywood on their Halloween walk-through. However, MPH turned their Arlington Heights facility over to a third-party attraction, The Clown Academy, instead of doing a Halloween haunt of their own.

Well, the good news is that Murder House Productions will offer their own haunted house walkthrough this Halloween. Ghosted: Reply or Die promises an intense journey into a paranormal dimension where people who were ghosted by their friends have become lost souls eager for revenge. Expect elaborate production values, loud noises, absolute, darkness, lighting effects, and lots of jump scares.

Ghosted: Reply or Die, runs on weekends in October (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 8pm to 11pm. Murder House Productions is located at 2525 West Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles. Tickets are $20.

Update: Since this article posted, the debut of Ghosted: Reply or Die has been pushed back from October 1 to October 7, and a final date has been added on November 4.

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