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Nightmare At Dos Lagos: Zombie Survival Experience Review

New Pro Haunt alert!  And we mean that in more than one way. It’s definitely a new haunt in a plaza with plenty of other things to do and it’s a new haunt experience – one that feels familiar but has never been done before. Thanks to Adam of Dark Harvest Haunt, we were able to find out and experience this new adventurous walk-through.

Read on to discover this new scare, if you dare!

Nightmare At Dos Lagos: Zombie Survival Experience Review: Experience

When we first saw the tagline of “Zombie Survival Experience”, our first thought was that  we would be equipped with a weapon to ward off flesh-eating zombies.  We thought it may be a paintball zombie shooting experience like the one from Bellflower nearly a decade ago or something like Infected, the zombie shootout maze from Knott’s Scary Farm.  Turns out we couldn’t have been more incorrect.  

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This zombie survival experience required us to out maneuver, out walk or out run zombies with colored flags strapped to your waist. So think flag football but instead you are trying to evade these grabby zombies from coming after your flags.  The path looked post-apocalyptic with aged walls and props, was full of doors and openings for zombies to lunge towards your flags.  The experience typically lasts 5 minutes according to the haunt proprietor.  However, it may take you shorter or longer to find the exit depending on your level of expertise in navigating haunted mazes.  There were also different paths to the exit.  If you were to make another visit on another day; the exit could change so that it becomes a fun experience trying to discover your way to freedom again.

So are there any projectiles or weapons for you to ward off a horde of zombies?  Yes!  You get equipped with a squeaky toy.  According to this attraction, zombies love squeaky toys.  So if you squeak once and throw it; these zombies will be like dogs going after a toy and that’s how you can evade the horde.  What happens if you don’t survive?  Well, the non-surviving party will have to be escorted to a contamination chamber of sorts so they can have “the cure” sprayed on their persons.

Nightmare At Dos Lagos: Zombie Survival Experience Review: Conclusion

For haunt-goers who want something new and fresh, this is something to look at.  Located at the Shops at Dos Lagos, this destination affords an opportunity to hang out at the plaza before or after your experience. The scare actors remain entertaining and never break character even after the experience.  Plenty of photo-ops here while you wait to get in or while you wait for the rest of your party to survive the experience.  

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Not your typical haunted maze.  This does require some movement on your part in order for you to survive this zombie maze experience.  For those that need more than your standard walk-through, try this one if you dare to.

Nightmare At Dos Lagos continues on select nights until October 31st, VIP upgrades are available and parking is plentiful and free.  For more information, visit: https://www.dlnightmare.com/

Nightmare At Dos Lagos: Zombie Survival Experience: Photo Gallery


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