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O.J. at Necrocomicon – oh, the horror! the horror!

Well, the Friday debut of Spooky House 16 may have been delayed, but that didn’t stop the horror convention Necrocomicon, which takes place in the same location, from proceeding as planned.

This article in the Los Angeles Times casts a jaundiced eye on one particularly unusual guest: O.J. Simpson, whose award-winning football career and non-award-winning film career, have nothing to do with the horror genre. In fact, the only connection Simpson has with horror is a real-life murder of which he was acquitted — almost exactly ten years ago (the actual anniversary is Monday).

Writes the Times:

It was hard to miss the irony: There sat O.J. Simpson, waiting to sign autographs at a horror-themed collectibles convention just days before the 10th anniversary of his acquittal on charges that he had killed his ex-wife and her friend. His spot in the Northridge strip mall had him practically rubbing elbows with a promotional display for a splatter movie, a haunted house, and such decorations as severed heads and limbs. […] Simpson told reporters that the venue was “kind of unusual.” But, he said, “People who aren’t fans don’t need to come.”

Simpson appeared for more than an hour. He is supposed to be back today and tomorrow. On Sunday, he will be joined by friend and former teammate Al Cowlings, the man behind the wheel during the infamous Ford Bronco chase.