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Perdition Home cuts back, promotes The Flesh Yard

UPDATE: Apparently, Hollywood Gothique’s penchant for metaphors has led to some misunderstanding, with readers taking the figure of speech in this article’s original headline literally: “Perdition Home liquidates, transfers assets to The Flesh Yard.” So let’s be clear: Perdition Home has not “liquidated.” We used that word only because it can refer to the sale of property, and the name “Perdition Home” implies a piece of property – i.e., a house – whose “assets” could be “transferred” to a new business. This was our colorful way of noting that Perdition Home had indicated it would present only a decorated yard display this year, while promoting the professional spin-off, Pumpkin Patch Haunt: The Flesh Yard. More recently, Perdition Home announced that it will offer a smaller version of its usual haunt, a mini-walk-through, on Halloween Night only, 7-10pm, and that it intends to return in full for Halloween 2017. We regret that our over-zealous attempt to write clever headline was misleading. Though we have revised the headline, we are leaving the article below intact, as it did represent state of play at the time of its publication.

After eight years of providing gleefully gory neighborhood entertainment for Halloween, the proprietors of the Perdition Home Yard Haunt are abandoning their amateur walk-through maze in favor of a pro haunt they debuted last year, the Pumpkin Patch Haunt: The Flesh Yard. Perdition Home will present a decorated yard on Halloween Night, but if you want real thrills and chills, you need to head over to the nearby Flesh Yard, which should be at least as much fun – and hopefully more so.

An apparition beckons you into the Flesh Yard.
An apparition beckons you into the Flesh Yard.

Hollywood Gothique enjoyed both haunts at the end of the Halloween 2015 season. The Flesh Yard was good, but it probably suffered a little from its owners spreading themselves too thin. There were many clever touches, but the overall result was not clearly superior to Perdition Home – which isn’t really an insult, because Perdition Home was great, but if a haunt is charging for admission, it needs to be more than just a little better than the home version. We can only imagine that combining the impact of Perdition Home and the Flesh Yard into a single walk-through will result in something awesome.

The Flesh Yard will be operating at the pumpkin patch located at 5702 E. La Palma Avenue in Anaheim, 92807, on the corner of Imperial Highway. Dates are October 14-16, 20-23, 26-31. Hours are 7-10pm Thursdays-through-Sundays; 7-11pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Halloween Night. The official website is pumpkinpatchhaunt.com.

Perdition Home is at 5181 Manor View Drive in Yorba Linda. The official website is perditionhome.com.

Check out our video from last Halloween for a look at Perdition Home and The Flesh Yard.

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