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Photos: We’re Wolves at The Hive

We’re Wolves! is wrapping up its October run at the Hive Gallery with a closing reception this afternoon from 1pm to 6pm. If your taste for Halloween events extends beyond haunted houses, you should explore this horror-themed gallery exhibit depicting an “immersive journey into a werewolf family’s cabin.”

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Reminiscent of the 2019 Evil Dead exhibit at Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, We’re Wolves! is an installation serving as both a themed viewing space for other artworks and a work of art in itself. To put it another way, the art is not merely hanging from the walls; the art is the walls – and you’re in it!

You step inside and detect signs of recent activity, suggesting that the unseen homeowners cannot be far away, but what you see will not make you eager for their return. The television showing werewolf films may suggest nothing more fearsome than a horror-movie fan, but other signs are more disturbing. The food on the stuff and the leftovers in the fridge are most unappetizing, and don’t even bother looking at what’s in the fireplace!

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We’re Wolves! is not a large installation, but it serves as a centerpiece for the Hive’s other exhibit, Transformations, which features interactive pieces using hinges that can open or close to change the subject’s appearance from human to lupine. Transformations has been running for several months and will continue after We’re Wolves! closes.

Werewolves appear to be a favorite subject at the Hive, appearing in several other places around the surprisingly spacious gallery.

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That’s not all: the Hive evinces a considerable predilection for macabre artwork. Up front are exhibits of wonderfully strange paintings, such as The Grand Delusion. Further back, the gallery extends deep into the building, with multiple cubicles for artists to sell a variety of horror-themed works directly to their buyers. In short, this is the sort of place Richard Upton Pickman could have hung his strangest paintings.

We’re Wolves! features contributions from Walt Gorecki, Stephen Chiodo, and others. For more information, check out our previous post, or visit werewolvesartshow.com. The Hive Gallery & Studios is located at 729 South Spring Street in downtown L.A. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 1pm to 6pm and by appointment; call  (213) 955-9051 or email info@hivegallery.com. We’re Wolves is recommended for all ages.

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