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Post-Halloween 2023: Those Haunts That Remain

It is the day after Halloween, but there is no need to go into immediate withdrawal – not when so many haunts remain open.

Feeling Agitation and Anxiety? Sweating and suffering from Insomnia?  Muscle aches giving you the shakes? Well, the Halloween season may officially be over, but we are here to assuage your withdrawal pains with a healing dose of Methadone – several doses, in fact, which should keep you going at least through this weekend, because even though most professional haunted houses are closed, other types of Halloween attractions remain open the first week of November, and some horror-themed events go beyond that, even running year round.

Below is a list of frightful arts and entertainment you can use fend off this year’s post-Halloween blues…

Post-Halloween 2023: Haunted Houses

Only one haunted house of note remains open, providing another weekend of chills…

Reign of Terror Haunted House
225 N. Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks
November 3-4, 7-11pm

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Reign of Terror Haunted House is open two more nights, on November 3 & 4; the latter is a lights-out version. which intensifies the scares but makes it harder to see the brilliant sets, which depict everything from a Victorian Mansion to a Funhouse to an Asylum. Essentially, this is the equivalent of half-a-dozen mazes lined up end-to-end, providing a nearly half-hour experience. Read our review or Reign of Terror’s Lights Out presentation.

Reign of Terror: Lights Out Review



Post-Halloween 2023: Escape Rooms

Though many of them hype their horror-themed attractions during the Halloween season, Escape Rooms run year round. Here are some of interest.

Cross Roads Escape Games
4245 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, 92807
Open year round, Wednesday to Sunday

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Cross Roads Escape Games has two rooms with horror themes, The Weeping Witch and The Hex Room. The former has a live element, which adds to the thrills; the latter splits visitors off into side quests and asks whether they have what it takes to survive a horror film. The games require three to eight participants, who have an hour to figure a way out of their terrifying predicament. Read our review of The Weeping Witch…

Interview & Review: The Weeping Witch Escape Room

MurderCo: The Harvest
1224 W 9th St, Upland
November 3-4, 6pm-2am
Tickets: staring at $65

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This escape room specializing in R-rated horror for adults (under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian) continues its Halloween presentation, The Harvest: Rise of Apex, on November 3 and 4. After that, it resumes its self-titled year-round escape room.



Post-Halloween 2023: Theatre & Immersive Experiences

Halloween-themed theatrical productions, especially of the immersive/interactive variety, keep the screams going into mid-November and even a little beyond. All of the shows below are highly recommended, but you may have trouble finding tickets, as they tend to sell out. Keep your eyes open for additional dates being added, or check out the event’s social media pages in case any fans have spare tickets.

Delusion: Nocturnes & Nightmares
Open on select nights through November 19
Phillips Mansion, 2640 Pomona Boulevard in Pomona
Tickets starting at $94.99

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Delusion: Nocturnes & Nightmares is the climactic culmination of Delusion Interactive Theatre saga to date. This kind of grandiose ambition can raise expectations to the point where disappointment feels almost inevitable; nevertheless, Delusion: Nocturnes & Nightmares manages to clear the high bar.

Video Interview & Review: Delusion’s Jon Braver evokes Nocturnes & Nightmares

November 3-5, 9-12, starting at 7:50pm
Mountain View Mausoleum, 2300 N Marengo Avenue in Altadena
Tickets: $75 per person.
More information here.

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Downtown Repertory Theatre’s latest production immerses audiences in a village haunted by dark secrets, where those who till the soil are drained of life and livelihood by an evil, oppressive overlord. Like their previous productions, Fangs! emphasizes drama more than horror (with some social commentary thrown in), but in the end it delivers the feast of blood promised in its title. The immersive storytelling is deftly handled, branching off to provide one-on-one interactive experiences for the audience while never losing the main plot thread. Read our review below…

Review: Downtown Rep draws blood with Fangs!

Van Helsing’s Dracula
Vatican Banquet Hall, 6913 Van Nuys Boulevard in Van Nuys
November 4, 11, 18, 6:30pm.
Tickets starting $225 (includes dinner and non-alcoholic drinks)

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Van Helsing’s Dracula is an ambitious piece of circus-dinner theatre. What is circus-dinner-theatre? Exactly what it says: you eat dinner while watching a theatre production incorporating circus acts. That may sound bizarre to the uninitiated, but it makes more sense when you realize that the circus performances work much like the songs in a musical (and there is a vivid original score backing this show); the drama builds up to big emotional moments that are expressed through dazzling aerial work instead of dialogue. All the elements coalesce into a fascinating female spin on the Dracula story, which is all about learning to embrace one’s inner vampire. Read our interview with  the show’s creator….

Interview & Review: Dining with Dracula at Madmann’s Playground

The Willows
Thursday-Sunday through November 19, plus Wednesday, November 8 & 15
Update: Performances added on November 29-30 and December 1 & 3
1130 Westchester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Tickets starting at $200

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This interactive play from the creators of Creep LA provides an unforgettable evening of murder and mayhem. Armed with an expert cast of improvisational weirdos and a bizarre tale of familial grief, it proves that Just Fix It Productions is indeed the weirdest of them all. When last we looked, The Willows was sold out through its final schedule performance on November 19, but since then a couple of new dates have been added. But hurry – these will sell out too. As a last-ditch effort, you might be able to score spare tickets on the JFI Productions Facebook page. Read our review…

Stage Review: The Willows

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
4850 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, California 91601

Lobella – a new production at Zombie Joes Underground Theatre – has been extended with additional performances at 8:30pm, November 2-5.


Post-Halloween 2023: Galleries & Exhibitions

A couple of horror-themed exhibitions remain open. One goes to the end of the week; the other is a year-round event, which should last at least until the end of the year.

Hollywood and Highland Mall
6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
Open Daily

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Located at Hollywood and Highland, Icons of Darkness Exhibition is year-round exhibition of horror movie props, costumes, and memorabilia. The open-ended engagement (no definite termination date) is currently scheduled through December. Check out our review & video…

Video: Hollywood Gothique’s Guided Tour through Icons of Darkness

1025 Westminster Mall, Westminster
Open though November 5th
Hours: 2-7pm Wed-Thursday, 2-8pm Friday, 11-8pm Sat., 12-6pm Sunday
Ticket Price: $5
Learn more here.

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Casa Calaveras is a colorful glow-in-the-dark walkthrough experience depicting the storybook adventure of José and Gloria, a happy dead couple, depicted in a series of art installation reminiscent of Dia De Los Muertos. (Photos are from the Casa Calaveras presentation at Midsummer Scream.)


Post-Halloween 2023: Dining & Drinking

The Spirit Lounge: Macabre Manor
10555 S. Mills Avenue, Montclair CA 91763
Open through November 11
$10 on Thursday, $20 on Friday-Saturday

Spirit Lounge Macabre Manor crop horizontal

The Spirit Lounge: Macabre Manor is a Halloween-themed popup tucked inside The Set, a speakeasy hidden within That 80s Bar. Produced by the Sinister Pointe Productions (which pioneered the use of interactivity in haunted house walkthroughs), 100-minute immersive experience includes a themed drink menu, interactive surprises, and roaming characters visiting your table or performing on stage. Shows start at at 8pm and 10pm on Thursdays, with an additional midnight season on Fridays and Saturdays. Advance tickets are required. In addition to the admission price, there is a two-drink minimum. Entrance is restricted to ages 21 and up.


Post-Halloween 2023: Movie Screenings

New horror movies open almost weekly, and classics screen year round courtesy of venues and organizations such as the New Beverly Cinema and the American Cinematheque. Of the several seasonal horror film festivals that took place last month, one has a couple additional screenings of films that sold out in October….

Vidiots Countdown to Halloween
The Eagle Theatre, 4884 Eagle Rock Boulevard
November 1 & 2

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Vidiots Countdown to Halloween continues with The Shining on November 1 at 7:30pm and The Exorcist on November 2 at 4:15pm.


Post-Halloween 2023: Yard Haunts

Yard haunts are the Halloween attraction most likely to remain open, so that the homeowners can show off their work for a few extra days. A few will be open only till November 1 or 2; several will go until the weekend. Several of these we have not seen, so we can only provide information regarding their name, address, and remaining dates. When available, we have included photographs from our past visits, which should should help you decide whether these are worth seeking out in the time remaining.

Reichland Asylum Walkthrough
3980 Bandini Ave, Riverside
November 3-4, 7-10pm

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Reichland Asylum Home Haunt reprises The Return of Sarah Crawford, Part 2. on November 3 and 4. Reichland Asylum is one of the best home haunt walkthroughs in the Southland; though its location in Riverside prevents us from getting out to see it every year, we try to check out the condensed version at Midsummer Scream. The full version of course is much better, featuring a wonderful facade, a long path through several different environments, and some great actors. Read our review…

Video: Reichland Asylum & Disney-fied Yard Haunts

The Buena Vista Haunt Yard Display
2038 N Buena Vista St, Burbank
Open through November 6, 7-10pm

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A nice yard display with a howling werewolf, giant skeleton, and many tombstones. The owner is often seen prowling the grounds in costume.

Catastrophe Cabin Yard Display
1541 Garden St., Glendale
Open through November 2, 5-10pm

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Atmospheric family-friendly yard display. Post-Halloween, it is safe to say that no witches or demons will be active, but it is nice to look at.

2023 CREEPSHOW Yard Display
769 Leonard Street, Montebello
Open through November 5, 5-10pm
Dann Haunted Pumpkin Patch Yard Display
25060 Steiner Dr, Valle Vista
Open through November 6,  7pm-12am
DeliKILLtessen Yard Display
29259 Black Pine Way, Santa Clarita
Open through November 1,  5-11pm
Don’t Fear theReaper Yard Display
7235 Shady Oak Dr, Downey
Open through November 3, 6pm-9pm
Ghostly Gourds of Glenhaven Yard Display
5343 Glenhaven Ave, Riverside
Open through Nov 1, 7-10pm

Ghoulish Delights Yard Display
9208 Aldea Ave, Los Angeles
Open through Nov. 3, 11am-11pm

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A bit yard with a nice variety of decorations, including signage that references well-known horror movies.

The Halloween House (The Hatteras Halloween House)
5758 Burnet Ave., Sherman Oaks
Open through Nov. 3, 5-11pm

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Did not see this year’s version, but this display usually features lots of decorations, including some gargantuan and intimidating figures.

Hamilton Halloween Yard Display
4209 W. Jacaranda Ave, Burbank
Open through November 3, 6am-12a

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This one is situated on a large corner lot with plenty of room for decorations. It comes across a bit like Lilly Hall but with skeletons added.

The Haunted Mansion Yard Display
29420 Plymouth Rd, Castaic
Open through November 5, 6:30-11:59pm
He Came Home Yard Display
24147 Avenida Crescenta, Santa Clarita
Open through November 1, 6:30pm – 9pm
The Holiday House Walkthough
3547 McLaughlin Ave, Los Angeles
Open through November 2, 6-10pm
Lost Souls Cemetery Yard Display
5415 E Pageantry St, Long Beach
Open through November 2, 6:45-10:15pm
Lunar Terror Presents:Verum (Show)
4035 Dee Dee Court, Lancaster
November 4-5, 6:15-7:45pm
Dates & Times subject to change or cancellation
Tickets: $4
Madhouse of Horror Yard Display
1621 Bridget Avenue, Simi Valley
Open through Nov. 5, 6:30-10pm

Midwick Manor Yard Display
1688 Midwick Dr, Altadena
Open through Nov. 4, 7-10pm

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A simple yard display, worth a drive-by if you live in the neighborhood.

Pirates of Lima Street Yard Display
1225 Lima Street, Burbank
Open through November 3rd, 6-10:30pm

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Pretty cool pirate-themed yard display.

Pirates of Niagara Yard Display
814 N. Niagara Street, Burbank
Open through Nov. 4, 5:30-11pm

Polynesian Tiki Terror
642 Cayo Grande Ct., Thousand Oaks
Open through November 5

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This home haunt features a walk through an enormous volcano constructed in the front yard, along with a bar serving drinks and ice cream. It is new to us (thanks to William Greca for bringing it to our attention). Thankfully, it remains open until November 5. We are not sure we can get there this weekend, but it certainly looks worth the trip to Thousand Oaks.

Pumpkin Hallow Haunt Yard Display
22702 Pear Ct, Santa Clarita
Open through Nov. 1, 6-10pm

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Fairly elaborate yard display with a bit of a walk through element: in order to see all the decorations, you must advance up the driveway, pass through an arch, and continue along the path to the front door. A few mechanical items bring life to the decorations, and there is a very spooky ghost in the front window (via digital projection).

Rotting Hill Cemetery Yard Display
4848 Sancola Ave., North Hollywood
Open through Nov. 4, 7-10pm, 7-11pm weekends

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Some new jokes have been added to the recorded patter of the ghosts arguing in the graveyard, which is enhanced with mechanical effects timed to the punchlines.

Spider Crypt Cemetery
15717 Labrador Street, Los Angeles
Open through Nov. 4, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

The Spooky Strip
939 Concord St, Glendale
Open through November 4, 7-10pm

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A short strip along the sidewalk features some very nice decorations. Worth a look if you are in the Glendale area.

Thomas & Cody’s Halloween Light Show
25851 Royal Oaks Rd, Stevenson Ranch
Open through Nov. 1, 7-9pm

Valley Vista Holiday House Presents Ghostbusters
14611 Valley Vista Blvd, Sherman Oaks
Open through November 3, 6pm – 1am

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This yard display consists of elaborate, custom-made props and decorations. It’s pretty much all static figures, with maybe a video playing scenes of the movie. We have not seen this year’s version, but we did see the 2022 Ghostbusters theme.

Welcome Foolish Mortals
7132 Forbes Ave, Lake Balboa
Open through November 6, 6:30-11pm

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This is a very simply hard display. The most spectacular element is the name spelled out in brightly lit letters atop the roof. Good for neighbors.

Witch City
25420 Via Jardin, Santa Clarita
Open through November 1, 7-11pm

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A yard display chock full of creepy decorations.

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