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Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2010 Video

Want a glimpse of the terrors that lie within the Queen Mary this Halloween? Then check out this video tour of the theme park Halloween event. Part 1 of our tour takes us through the land-locked attractions: the main entrance, the flaming tower, the Village of the Damned maze, the Barricades scare zone, and the Cage maze.

Overall, we thought the most obvious changes in the Queen Mary’s 2010 Halloween presentation were visible on land, so this video should give you a good idea of how different the event is this year.┬áBoth Village of the Damned and the Cage are good, but the Cage was our favorite, just because it’s quite different from what you usually see in a Hallween “maze” – that is, this one really is a maze.

Unfortunately, the maze-like aspects of the Cage do not come across so well in the video. If you occasionally see what looks like another person walking around the corner in the dark – well, that’s actually a reflection. The impact in person – see what looks like a path, where someone suddenly appears – and it’s you! – tends to be lost on the camera lens. Hopefully, you still get some sense of what the experience is like.