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Repo Chick L.A. Premiere

RepochickLocation: The Downtown Independent, 251 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA
Link out: Click here
Description: The Downtown Independent Theatre presents the Los Angeles premiere of Alex Cox’s follow-up (not a sequel) to his cult classic REPO MAN. There will be two screenings on two consecutive nights, followed by rooftop parties.

The film, starring Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, and Rosanna Arquette, is not a sequel, according to director Alex Cox. “It’s entirely a freestanding film about a very wealthy young woman who finds meaning stealing from the middle class and the poor. You wouldn’t need to see Repo Man to make sense of it. It’s another comedy about the economic crisis. And how the crisis has intensified so much in this round.”

“Repo Chick” follows Pixxi De La Chasse (Jonet), a spoiled and wealthy girl who is cut-off financially by her family because of her irresponsible lifestyle. Pixxi’s car is eventually repossessed, leading her to a new life working with the other repo men. During an assignment, she accidentally stumbles upon a terrorist plot to destroy downtown Los Angeles. The fate of the city now depends on the heroic efforts of Pixxi De La Chase.

Dates: January 21 at 7pm & January 22 @ 11pm, 2011