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Restless Souls Manor 2018 Review

Restless Souls Manor reinvents itself every year. In 2016 it was witch hunting, in 2017 it was ghost hunting, and in 2018 it’s time traveling, likely a coincidence that Delusion had a similar theme this year. You’re welcomed to the haunt and asked what era you’d like to travel to, with no limit to your choices because -spoiler warning- the time machine breaks and sends you to the same time no matter what. So you’re trapped in an unfamiliar time period until your hosts can fix the machine and bring you back. The haunt is about 3 minutes long, a bit shorter than pervious years, with a level of interactivity similar to 2017, which is less than 2016, which had more of a scripted tour. What it lacks in script this year it makes up for with new sets and props that make each room of the walk-through feel unique and authentic. There’s some jump scares, but nothing younger guests shouldn’t be able to handle if they’ve survived jump scares in other haunts.

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If you’re in the Halloween Night, you must include a visit to the nearby Spooky Hollow yard display.

Marie Desloups

Author Marie Desloups prefers to remain a mystery. You never know when she may be at your side while you are walking through a Halloween Haunt.