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Halloween 2021 Review: BCR: A Place to Scare – Cursed Creek

The Witches of Cursed Creek have returned to BCR: A Place to Scare, where they are conjuring new forms of evil and dark spells. Actually, Cursed Creek was BCR’s 2020 storyline, but it had to be modified into a drive-through to allow the safety of visitors during the pandemic. The results were entertaining but fell short of their full potential.

Now that the concept can be executed in its intended format as a walk-through, we rushed out to see what the BCR team could achieve with their new version of Cursed Creak.

BCR: Cursed Creek 2021: Walk-through

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Cursed Creek works better as a walk-through. Limited to small groups, it allows for a more intimate experience with increased opportunity for participation. We could see the sets in better detail and actually feel spooky when interacting with characters – definitely an improvement over last year.

We could also better follow the storyline, which takes the form of a guided-tour through a series of settings where characters act out skits pertaining to the history of Cursed Creek. Each scene (some new, some returning from last year) is the work of its cast, turning Cursed Creek into an anthology of horror stories based on different traditions, ranging from New England Puritanism to West African religion to Native American traditions. The result is is not a typical maze: although there may be a few jump scares, the main focus is on getting you safely to the next scene so you can follow the story and hopefully escape the curse as well.

BCR: Cursed Creek 2021: Conclusion

BCR: A Place to Grow is a non-profit that provides community integration programs, as well as monthly dances and other community events for children and adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities. The creator of BCR: A Place to Scare thought it would be neat to offer a boutique community haunt as a fundraiser for the non-profit organization.

The result is great for the haunt-goer who is into interactive theatre, since some scenes require you to respond. The actors play their role nicely – they really do put on quite a show when you visit their set. They did the best they could last year from a distance; now you can experience them up close and personal. Hopefully, Cursed Creek’s anthology format will continue as an annual event, offering new and recurring stories every Halloween.

BCR: Cursed Creek 2021 Rating

Bottom Line

BCR’s community interactive haunt is just what’s needed for a novice to dip their toes into an interactive theatre experience.

Cursed Creek runs at BCR: A Place to Care from October 9th , 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, & 30th. The address is 230 Amherst Drive in Burbank. Tickets are $10.  For more info, visit facebook.com/bcraplacetoscare.


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