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Review: The Fleshyard & Perdition Home’s Harvest Of Horrors

Fleshyard’s and Perdition Home’s new outdoor corn maze will have you jumping at shadows – and what’s lurking in the shadows.

Like many Halloween Events, the Fleshyard & Perdition Home Haunt had to pivot from its normal operations in response to the Coronavirus, shifting from indoor to outdoor haunting. Formerly one of Southern California’s few scary haunted houses situated in a pumpkin patch, The Fleshyard & Perdition Home Haunt has moved to a new location, Frosty’s Forest in Chino. Though miles removed from their familiar setting, Frosty’s has a silver lining: it  is easily over 10 times larger than the previous location, and the extra real estate has allowed The Fleshyard & Perdition Home Haunt to bloom into something bigger: the “Harvest Of Horrors,” a haunted corn maze with almost no lighting, which adds to the creep factor.

The Fleshyard & Perdition Home 2020 Review: Harvest of Horrors Haunted Corn Maze

The benefits of a corn maze are that, being outside, it’s safe from you-know-what, and  it’s dark. Bathed in shadows, the Harvest of Horrors offers just enough illumination to find your way. Between the moonlight, ambient lighting, and light from the sets you encounter, you will dimly see the path. The question is: which one is the right one?

Another benefit is not being able to spot where the rustling is coming from or what goes bump in the night. Unlike previous years, there is no centralized theme; the trail is full of surprises. As you approach the various sets and mini-facades laid out throughout the maze. you may enter an open-doored room with or without a scare actor waiting for you. Each little building has its own unique theme and scare, much like the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park.

The Fleshyard 2020 Review

Being outdoors in an actual cornfield creates the feeling of a real-life horror movie experience. The anticipation of a few quiet moments, a split pathway, and uneven terrain made us feel as if we were pathetic teenagers running away from something. Are you lucky enough to get through without anyone or anything following you? Find out…if you dare.

The Fleshyard & Perdition Home 2020 Review: Conclusion

For the first time, The Fleshyard & Perdition Home Haunt could be considered a family destination in spite of its fearsome reputation. Since admission includes access to the Pumpkin Patch, guests can also enjoy activities such as the petting zoo, photo-ops, pumpkins, etc.

On the night we attended, The Harvest of Horrors maze made it feel like a normal Halloween again. We hope to experience it again with more scare actors on the trail, since there were dead silent moments with no jump scares.

If you have never been to a haunted corn maze, or if you have a split group that may not want to do something scary, then head down to Frosty’s Forest, where you can enjoy a 10-minute-plus haunted corn maze while your scared-y cat friends wait outside the rustling cornstalks…or they can go play with farm animals.

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The Fleshyard & Perdition Home's Harvest Of Horrors Rating

Bottom Line

With a Halloween season that’s lacking so much of the usual that we’re accustomed to and with drive through experiences overpromising and under delivering; it’s great to experience an open-air walkthrough if you need to get your haunt fix!

The Fleshyard: Harvest Of Horrors is located at Frosty’s Forrest in the city of Chino at 14861 Ramona Ave. The haunt remains open 7-10pm on Thursday & Sunday and 7-11pm on Friday & Saturdah until November 1st. The cost is $25, which includes admission to Frosty’s. Tickets are sold on-site, parking is free.  For more info, visit: thefleshyard.com.


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