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Review: Train To Busan Presents Peninsula in ScreenX

Train To Busan 2: Peninsula offers fast-paced zombie action worth seeing in the immersive ScreenX format.

We were able to slide into Regal Cinemas at Irvine Spectrum to catch Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula in ScreenX. Peninsula picked up where Train To Busan left off 4 years ago. However, the perspective is from a different set of characters. Therefore, we may or may not ever find out whatever happened to Soo-an from the first film. Instead, the story details another set of characters who escaped the outbreak but go back to battle post-apocalyptic zombies for reasons of survival. A group of Koreans, who escaped to Hong Kong four years ago and no longer want to wait for the Government to decide their fates, has taken matters into their own hands and found themselves 20 Million reasons to head back to Incheon, which is now a zombie wasteland. However, as cliche as it may sound, the return home was not what they expected.

Train To Busan Peninsula Review: ScreenX

The ScreenX experience is still new to many cinema goers. The goal is to immerse viewers into the story line: during key scenes, ScreenX provides a 270-degree panoramic visual, with the film not only on the center screen but also on the left and right side of the audience.

However, the format is only as effective as your imagination makes it so. What we mean by that is that the walls on both sides of the screens are used, which oftentimes may be affixed with “Exit” signage or an emergency light. This may or may not dilute the experience for some. Also, like some of Christopher Nolan’s IMAX films, only selected scenes are shown in the ScreenX format, primarily the major action sequences. Nonetheless, ScreenX is definitely something we encourage all movie-goers to experience, especially with the right movie. Peninsula is the right movie.

Train To Busan Peninsula Review: Conclusion

Unlike Godzilla, King of the Monsters in ScreenX (reviewed here), movie-goers would not have to constantly pan their heads from left to right or vice versa. Peninsula was craftily done where the additional screens on the side truly enhanced the experience as viewers remain focused on the main screen. The one area that could really detract from the experience would be the CGI utilized during car chases and fast-paced action sequences. But, it was no worse than the car scenes in XXX2 starring Ice Cube. If you can ignore that, then we highly suggest to try to squeeze in this three-screen experience before cinema closures go into effect again.

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Bottom Line

Director Yeon Sang-ho doesn’t think it’s quite right to call Peninsula “an official sequel.” Since that suggests there are potential Train To Busan “Universe” films in the future, we recommend not missing out on this worthwhile 2-hour experience, which should be viewed in a premium format.

Peninsula is playing in Screen X at the CGV Cinemas Buena Park 8.

PENINSULA (2020, aka Train to Busan 2). Directed by Sang-ho Yeon. Written by Sang-ho Yeon, Ryu Yong-jae. Starring Dong-Won Gang, Jung-hyun Lee, and Re Lee. Not rated. 116 mins.


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