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Santa Monica Zombie Crawl 2017 Photos

Hollywood Gothique joined the living dead last night for the 5th annual Santa Monica Zombie Crawl and, once again, had a great time shambling and stumbling from Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the pier to various night spots on the Third Street Promenade. Like last year, our two favorite pubs were  Del Frisco’s Grill on Ocean Avenue and Ye Olde King’s Head Pub on Broadway, where we spent the majority of our time. With its old British ambiance (like something out of a Hammer horror film) and lots of Halloween decorations, Ye Olde King’s Head captures the spirit of the season better than any of the other stops. Along the way, we encounter some ferocious zombies and sustained a bite or two, but so far have not succumbed to infection.

Unfortunately, the Santa Monica Zombie Crawl is a one-night only event, so you will have to wait until next Halloween season to check it out. There is no dedicated website for the crawl, but we have a page dedicated to it here.

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