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Shipwreck Productions launching new haunt for Halloween 2009

In a recent post, I noted the changes taking place at the Haunted Queen Mary for Halloween 2009: new management, new mazes, lower tickets prices. But what of Shipwreck Productions, the company that haunted the ship for the previous fourteen years (under the banner of the “Queen Mary TerrorFest”)? On their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/queenmaryshipwreck) they promise to launch a new haunt for 2009, somewhere in Orange County, near the 405 Freeway.

Needless to say, Shipwreck Productions is under the gun, trying to set up a major Halloween event this late in the year, but until recently the company had expected to be doing another TerrorFest at the Queen Mary: back in July, their official website for the haunt had been updated with information on dates for this Halloween, and it looked like smooth sailing ahead.

Then on September 2, their MySpace blog announced that their contract with the Queen Mary had “been unfairly terminated due to the nefarious actions by companies that have no business fucking with 14 years of hard work.” The next day, another blog post promised that Shipwreck Productions would announce a new location on September 9. That date passed without an announcement, but yesterday came this new post:

We truly apologize for the delay in announcing the new location. Unfortunately, at this time we can only say it’s going to be in Orange County off the 405! We have been working around the clock, 24-7 trying to make this insane location happen. There are so many aspects involved that not many would understand and this late in the game makes it even more difficult. The operators of the Queen Mary and Gridlock have tried to foil every effort, but like I said before, we will prevail!! It’s in our name, literally (mine anyway)! We should have everything solidified by Monday and at that point, we need every person, monster, supporter, guest and shipwreck family ready to pull our/your event together! Once again, we are sorry for leaving everyone hanging and it was never our intention, but please bare with us! Thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and hanging in there! As we have said for the past 14 years you make our event and you are our event!! Next week its balls to the wall and we need all of you!!! The ones that have built the relationships and our event from nothing to what our family has become! We are strong, you are strong and our new event will strong arm the competition!!! Thanks again for all your support!!!
As I have said often in the past, although the Queen Mary TerrorFest never got as much respect as Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt or Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, we always enjoyed and recommended it. Hopefully, Shipwreck Productions will clear the hurdles in their way and get something new going in time for this Halloween.