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Sliders will unite at Dark Harbor

Next week, the Queen Mary Dark Harbor will present a special performance by Southern California “Sliders” – those wonderful, athletic scare-acters who startle delighted haunt fans with aggressive incoming attacks that make Ty Cobb’s base-stealing skills seem like child’s play. According to the official press release, Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma “will push the artistic boundaries of sliding by bringing the best sliders from across Southern California to the authentic haunt. Creating a spectacular demonstration of talent and skill, Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma, will entertain guests with jaw-dropping tricks, high-speed slides, scares, and more. With metal plates strapped to knees and gloved hands, the sliders will effortlessly and speedily move across the ground in synchronized patterns for a frightfully fun choreographed performance.”

Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma will take place at 9:30pm and 11:20pm on Wednesday, October 26. All the usual Dark Harbor attractions will be open. For ticket prices and other information, visit: www.queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor.


Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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